Paper is the Enemy

Keeping attendance records is required for every hospital, medical school and medical education company in order to comply with accreditation standards. However, the system of collecting hand written sign-in sheets is archaic, time consuming, trivial work that is fraught with error.

Hospitals, medical schools and medical education companies are required as a condition of their continued accreditation to track and keep attendance records for 6 years. All CME providers have difficulties keeping up with the demands that this task placed on them.

The process of distributing sign in sheets, collecting them, deciphering signatures and entering attendance into a data base is extremely time consuming and mind numbing for the staff involved. And finally, the opportunity for error and lost sign in sheets is also a factor that renders the hand written sign in sheet undesirable, flawed and frustrating.

Paper is the enemy. When checking into an event the attendance sign in sheets begin a complex information processing nightmare. The sheets have to be gathered up and entered into the record keeping system.